Strategic Transformation. 

Intentional Rise. 

Meet Paula Gurnett

At STIR Psychology we understand that life does not always go as planned or as hoped for and it requires us to sometimes dig deep. With over 10 years in the mental health and addiction field, my appreciation for the resiliency that lies within is unshakable.


Taking the steps to be intentional about how we respond to life and its curveballs, helps shape our experiences and direction. I am passionate about supporting people on their unique path, as they uncover ways to strategically live with intention and purpose.  


Areas of Practice

Individual Therapy

Gain the support to overcome personal barriers and build an empowered life of personal purpose.

Couples Therapy

Building bridges within your relationship and discover how to move forward in healthy and fulfilling ways.

Relationship Assessment

Bring hope for a solid future, as understandings and agreements are uncovered and created.