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Brainspotting Resources

Brainspotting is a treatment that targets the brain’s natural healing mechanisms by using focused mindfulness and eye movement. Throughout this treatment, your therapist stays closely aware of what is going on in your brain, mind, and body.

Brainspotting can treat psychological and emotional disorders, including anxiety, addiction, phobias, depression, as well as physical pain. It is also effective in treating survivors of abuse and trauma.

STIR Psychology offers Brainspotting as a treatment for clients. Here are some helpful resources.




"Brainspotting  - The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change" by Dr. David Grand 

Bilateral Music

Bilateral Music is sometimes used in Brainspotting and EMDR therapies. It is designed to move from one ear to the other.  

How does it work?

Bilateral Music can help you relax, decreasing physiological stimulation. It can help you clear your thoughts on whatever is bothering you while helping that problem feel smaller or further away. Bilateral Music can also decrease stress and worry.

You can search 'bilateral music' and find one that you really like, but make sure that it is an hour in length so as to not stop in the middle of a therapy session.  For this music to be effective, it needs to be listened to on headphones/earbuds because music will move from one ear to the other. Here is one option: 

Videos on Brainspotting
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