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10 Important Issues To Discuss Before Marriage

November 24, 2023 Paula Gurnett, C.C.C.

There are several crucial topics couples should discuss before tying the knot. Here are some key ones:

  1. Finance: Money matters are significant. Discuss your individual financial situations, spending habits, debts, savings goals, and how you plan to manage joint finances.

  2. Life Goals: Talk about your long-term aspirations, career goals, where you see yourselves living, whether you want children, and your timeline for major life events.

  3. Communication: Discuss your communication styles, how you handle conflicts, and how you can ensure healthy communication in your relationship.

  4. Family and Friends: Understand each other's relationships with family and friends, how you plan to balance time spent with them, and your expectations regarding family involvement.

  5. Beliefs and Values: Discuss your beliefs, values, religious or spiritual views, and how they might impact your lives together.

  6. Roles and Responsibilities: Talk about household chores, division of labor, and expectations regarding each other's roles within the relationship.

  7. Health and Lifestyle: Discuss your attitudes toward health, lifestyle choices, and any health-related concerns or habits that may affect your future together.

  8. Intimacy and Expectations: Have open conversations about physical intimacy, emotional needs, and expectations within the relationship.

  9. Conflict Resolution: Discuss how you both handle conflicts, what triggers you, and strategies for resolving disagreements constructively.

  10. Legal and Practical Matters: Consider prenuptial agreements, wills, insurance, and any legal or practical matters that may need attention.

These discussions can help build a strong foundation for your marriage by fostering understanding, trust, and alignment on important issues. Remember, it's not just about having these conversations but also about actively listening and understanding each other's perspectives.

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